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The Coffee Shop of the Whitchurch Methodist Church, Cardiff


General Description

The Methodist Church in Whitchurch had discussions with representatives of the Innovate Trust, Cardiff in 2011 as to the possibility of developing some form of Coffee Shop to serve the local community on North Cardiff. Various options for the provision of the facility were discussed including the use of existing accommodation within the Church buildings. This was not thought to be appropriate due the high use of the current rooms and the unsuitability of the existing facilities.


The Church Council agreed to pursue the option of creating a new facility as a specially designed unit in a vacant space between the present Church building and the adjacent Kelston Hall. The designs were approved by Cardiff City Council and a fund raising scheme was launched in October 2011.  Funds became available following donations, fund raising events and major donations from the People and Places National Lottery Fund, The Veolia Trust and the Methodist Connexional Property and Outreach Fund.


An Architect was appointed to oversee the development and completion of the project and work started on the scheme in September 2012. The building project was completed in March 2013. The opening celebration Service was held early in March 2013. The opening date of the Coffee Shop in the evenings was April 1st and the daily opening on Monday to Friday by the Innovate was May 1st 2013.



The Church Council approved the appointment of a Coffee Shop Management Team to provide a co-ordination and direction of the development and running of the Coffee Shop. This provides a link with the Church Property Committee and the Church Finance Committee so that financial probity will be maintained. The Church Council will manage the running of the Coffee Shop during Saturdays 10am to 2pm from January 4th 2014 and Monday to Friday each week with an opening time from 10am to 4pm from February 1st 2014.


The Church Council has agreed to proceed with the opening of the Coffee Shop on Saturday mornings from 10am to 2pm following the appointment of a Coffee Shop Operative that will work with a group of volunteers to provide the service on these sessions. The future provision will depend on the financial viability of the project.



The Facility


The Coffee Shop provides seating for 28-30 people in 2 and 4 seat tables and chairs. There is an area for a “Buggy Park”

A servery is present that will provide facilities for hot and cold drinks and snacks etc. Some limited cooking facilities for toast etc will be available. The Church kitchen is modern and fully equipped for day use. Storage facilities will be provided for consumable items for daytime and Saturday use.


Toilet access is provided by a specially built unisex, assisted toilet in the Church Foyer. This has direct access from the Coffee Shop. A security system is in place with video recording facilities. All the rooms adjacent will be secured on a daily basis if they are not being used by other organisations. Secure facilities will be provided for the safety of petty cash.


The Coffee Shop Provision


The fixed term contract for the appointment of the Coffee Shop  Assistant will be for a fixed term of ONE MONTH, it may be subject to a possible extension. 


The appointee will be responsible to the Coffee Shop Manager and the Coffee Shop will be open from 10am to 4pm during the week. It will also be open to the public from 10am to 2pm on Saturdays. These times may vary by agreement.



Further Information

The post is for 4 hours covering on a Thursday . The rate of pay is £8.45 per hour. 


Further information can be obtained from the coffee Shop or by email via the website 

 or whitmethchurch@hotmail.com


This information can be obtained or arrangements for an informal visit can be made:


Website           www.whitchurchmethodistchurch-cardiff.co.uk



Application will be by email with a CV or by post to the Coffee Shop at Whitchurch Methodist Church CF14 2AA or by hand 

delivery to the Coffee Shop.




We are a Church Community in a Village in the North of Cardiff offering worship, a welcome  and a friendly society. Please look at our Web site and contact us if you want any further information