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         Fire Advisory Procedures


         The automatic FIRE detection system installed in the Church will respond to smoke and heat in the Church and the adjacent halls. There is a                   fire detection system installed in the Church, Wesley Suite, Kelston Hall and and the Kitchen. There are no detectors in Rooms 1,2,3,4 & 5.                  There is a fire alarm, heat and smoke detectors installed in the Coffee Shop. The alarms will sound over the whole building.


      The following maintenance routine will be adopted:

       The smoke detection system should be checked at the control box on a monthly basis and the fact recorded in the relevant note book

  1. The smoke system should be sounded on any occasion when the building is be occupied overnight.
  1. All emergency doors should be checked on a monthly basis and areas of escape cleared of all obstacles.
  1. Details of the smoke detection and evacuation procedures should be given, in writing, to all church organisations and other persons hiring the premises.
  1. A six monthly evacuation procedure should be undertaken when the premises are in use. The event should be recorded and the outcomes discussed at the Church Council.


          The following information should be given to all organisations:


    1. Details of the smoke detection system and fire alarm system
    1. The evacuation procedures and fire exits from the Church
    1. The fire Assembly point should be the entrance to Whitchurch Library Park where a head count should be undertaken.
    1. Instructions should be given as to the position of the Telephone Box adjacent to the Church
    1. A copy of the advice should be posted in the entrance to the Wesley Hall for information of all users.


           Fire Advice For Users Of Whitchurch Methodist Church


                 1.                        The smoke alarm system will sound automatically throughout the buildings when smoke is detected.

                   2.                        The alarms will send throughout the building if the fire alarms, heat or smoke detectors are activated in the Coffee Shop

                     3.                        The users of the Halls must be made aware of the suitable emergency exits from the building

                     4.                        No naked flames, toasters etc must be used outside of the kitchen or Servery area of the Coffee Shop.

                     5.                        The assembly area is in front of Whitchurch Library

                     6.                        The fire Brigade can be contacted via the telephone kiosk immediately adjacent to the building OR with the

                                       emergency phone in the Coffee Shop

                     7.                        If an overnight stay is planned, the smoke alarm system should be sounded at the beginning of the stay

                     8.                         All emergency exits must be kept clear at all times.

                     9.                         The emergency exits are via the Kelston Hall, Number Three Room and the emergency doors adjacent to the Kelston Hall. Exit                                          from the Coffee Shop is through the Coffee Shop door, main Church door, Kelston Hall of Kelston Road main entrance. A key                                          (adjacent to the door) is required for exit from the Church Sanctuary.

                     10.                       No inflammable materials or inflammable liquids should be stored except in designated areas.

                     11.                      Organisations should be aware of the position of fire extinguishers and their appropriate use.


                                       IN THE EVENT OF A FIRE OR THE SOUND OF THE ALARMS


                                   1. Evacuate the building via the main doors or the Emergency exits in a quiet orderly manner

                                   2. The COLLECTION POINT is the area in front of the Library where a head count should 

                                        be undertaken.

                                   3. The RESPONSIBLE person (Hirer or Stewards) should check ALL the rooms of the building to

                                        ascertain the nature of the fire and confirm that every person is clear of the building.

                                   4. Ring 999 if appropriate.

                                   5. Use the appropriate fire equipment IF IT IS SAFE TO DO SO!

                                   6. The alarms should not be reset until a full inspection of the building has been undertaken.

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