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Security &
Safety for Occupants and Property


Security & Safety are the responsibility of the organiser or hirer of the premises and all persons
using the premises. It is recommended:

a.  All users of the premises should be aware of current Health and Safety, Child Protection, and Fire
Prevention Policies of the Church.

b.  No personal items should be left unattended in any part of the building


c.  No items of value should be left in the premises


d.   In line with Insurance policies, no keys should be loaned to other individuals or given to
unauthorised persons. The key holders register should be maintained.


e.  Rooms that are not be used should be locked or access prevented.


f. The Kelston Road door should be locked when entry or exit is not being used.
Unwanted and uninvited visitors are a common problem in the building.
g.  All lights should be turned off, electric heaters and the central heating
systems should be switched off when not in use or at the end of a session.


h. All items and materials should be returned to their storage positions and
the relevant cupboards and stores locked.
i. The doors of store rooms should be closed when not currently being used.
 j.  Dangerous materials e.g. bleach etc. must be kept in lockable cupboards.
k. Everyone should note the information concerning “Working at Height”.
l.  The Hirers or Group Organisers should be aware of the Fire Alarm
system, Electricity Distribution and Gas Control valves.


m. A public telephone for emergency use is situated in Kelston Road
directly outside the Church building. A mobile telephone for EMERGENCY use
in the the cash till in the Cafe. 

n. Separate guidance notes on Fire Safety, Child Protection, COSSH Regs etc
 can be found elsewhere on the website.

April 2012


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