Whitchurch Methodist Church

Penlline Road, Whitchurch Cardiff CF14 2AA

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         Our Previous Ministers at Whitchurch Methodist Church
                              1905-1907         Rev Harold Green
                           1907-1910         Rev. J. Newton Davies
                           1910-1913         Rev Thomas Ewbank
                           1912-1915         Rev John Hughes Morgan (S)
                           1913-1916         Rev E.D. Dannatt (S)
                           1913-1916         Rev.  J. Alexander Findlay
                           1916-1919         Rev. T.J. Evans
                           1919-1922         Rev. A.B. Duncalfe
                           1921-1926         Rev. George Byron (S)
                           1922-1925         Rev. Owen Beswarick
                           1925-1926         Rev. W.E. Withers
                           1926-1928         Rev. W.J.T. Small
                           1928-1931         Rev. Ernest Nicholas
                           1932-1935         Rev. Joseph Rushton
                           1934-1935         Rev. Jeoffrey T. Johnson (R)
                           1935-1936         Rev. Daniel Penman (R)       
                           1935-1941         Rev. Harry Wilkinson
                           1941-1946         Rev. S. John Martin
                           1946-1951         Rev. Stanley Finch
                           1951-1956         Rev. Wilfred Kerry
                           1954-?               Rev. William J. Lewis
                           1956-1959         Rev. Douglas Johnson
                           1956  -?             Rev. J. Meirion Jones (S)
                           1959-1965         Rev. Frederick S. Pritchard
                           1965-1972         Rev. T. Glyn Simmonds
                           1972-1979         Rev. Malcolm Beech
                                 ?-1989          Rev Ashleigh Rose (S)
                                       1979-1987          Rev. Willam J. Andrews
                                       1987-1992          Rev. Michael J. Worsey                                   
                                       1992-1997          Rev. Derek Aldridge                                        
                                       1997-2002          Rev. Phillip Seaton                                        
                                                                                Rev. Dudley Jenkins (s)                                                                                 
                                        2002-2007          Rev. Soba Sinathamby
                                       2007-2012          Rev John Rowe                                        
                                       2007-2012          Deacon Liz Rowe                                        
                                    2012-2017          Rev. Catherine Reynolds 
                          2017-                   Rev. Catherine Gale
  We are deeply appreciative to all our previous and present Ministers 
for their years of loyal service to God and our Church.
We are a Church Community in a Village in the North of Cardiff offering worship, a welcome  and a friendly society. Please look at our Web site and contact us if you want any further information