Whitchurch Methodist Church

Penlline Road, Whitchurch Cardiff CF14 2AA

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               The Church Choir
         The Choir at Whitchurch methodist Church has been in existence for over 50 years and meets on a Thursday
         each week at 7.30pm. We have a current membership of 11 members:
                     Sopranos                4
                     Altos                      2
                     Tenors                    1 
                            Basses                   3
                  Choir Leader & Conductor 

            The evening follows a fairly regular pattern: 
                        a. Rehearsal for the Hymns and Songs for Sunday Worship
                        b. Rehearsal for Special Events
              All are welcome to join.

              Further information can be obtained from the Church Organist.  
              Tel   Eric on 029 20627548
              email ericsnash@hotmail.com
We are a Church Community in a Village in the North of Cardiff offering worship, a welcome  and a friendly society. Please look at our Web site and contact us if you want any further information