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The Roundabout Cafe

 During 2010/2011, discussions took place about the possibility of building a Cafe to support the community between the Church building and the adjacent Kelston hall. This space was vacant and was used to store waste bins and various items. It was prone to regular flooding from the drainpipes from the Church roof.

   An architect, Mr Tim Worsfold, was appointed and plans drawn. Approval for the development was obtained from the Planning Department of Cardiff City Council. Funding was sought from various organisations including, Veolia Trust, the People and Places grant from the National Lottery and a substantial grant from the Community Support Charity associated with finance from the Land Fill Tax. The Methodist Church of Great Britain supported the development through the Community Support Fund. Several major donations were received from members of the congregation and these were supported by fund raising efforts.

  Mr. Jeremy Madley was appointed as the building contractor after an open competition. Building work started in August 2012 and was completed in April 2013. This was followed by a dedication service and a celebration lunch. The photographs of the build process made be seen elsewhere. The opening took place in May 2013 in association with the Innovate Trust. The Innovate Trust initially organised the daytime opening from Monday to Friday and the Church managed the evening opening from Monday to Friday.

The arrangements continued until December 2013 when the Innovate Trust gave notice that they were withdrawing from the agreement. After several discussions, the Church decided to take responsibility for the future management of the Roundabout Cafe and the new arrangements came into force from February 2014. The opening hours were extended from Monday to Friday during the daytime. The evening opening was stopped and replaced by opening on a Saturday morning. The times were as follows.

Monday to Thursday 10am-4pm

Friday                  10am-3pm

Saturday             10am to 2pm

Mrs Judith Evans was appointed as a full time manager to organise and run the Coffee Shop. Discussions ensued with the Youth Employment Department of the City Council for the Church to be involved and support the Work experience Scheme for young unemployed of the City. They undertake a placement for an eight week period to undergo training and gain work experience in the Coffee Shop environment. The staffing was also supplemented by several volunteers on a weekly basis.

After a six months period of Church management, it was necessary to undertake a users' questionnaire to meet the requirements of several of the funding bodies. This was undertaken during two weeks in August 2014. One hundred questionnaires were completed by successive visitors to the Coffee Shop. The results are very encouraging and the report can be found by clicking here.

The aims of the project were to provide a same, welcoming environment for members of the Community and individuals that have special needs looking for support and friendship. We feel that the Coffee Shop is meeting these needs with an ever increasing attendance and support. We look forward to a future where the Church can further support the Community and provide a much needed facility in the village.

We are always looking for extra help and support. If you are able to give a morning or afternoon to help in the Coffee Shop, please complete the email under the Contact Us address or click
Contact Us
Click here to go directly to the email. Approaches can always be made to the Church Minister or the Manager in the Coffee Shop.

We are a Church Community in a Village in the North of Cardiff offering worship, a welcome  and a friendly society. Please look at our Web site and contact us if you want any further information