Whitchurch Methodist Church

Penlline Road, Whitchurch Cardiff CF14 2AA

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Live-streamed services

Worship services

We hope the four options below will offer some breadth from our tradition.

We are working in collaboration with:

Methodist Central Hall Westminster

Sundays 11.00


Wesley's Chapel London who will live-stream from the chapel (the Minister lives on the premises)

Sundays 11am


Swan Bank Methodist Church in Burslem, this worship will be studio based – with strict distancing rules being followed

Sundays 10:30

www.youtube.com/user/SwanBank and www.facebook.com/swanbank/


 Sthie ('At home')

To join in a very different worship experience, try Sthie ('At home') from the Isle of Man (see image of Peel Hill, right, by Andy Fishburne). Join in live on Sundays by joining a Facebook group. For details see www.andyfishburne.com/2020/03/15/sthie-at-home-online-worship/ 

You can watch previous live-streamed videos at www.youtube.com/andyfishburne



Morning Prayers

08:30 Monday-Friday - from Wesley House Cambridge: 
www.facebook.com/wesleycambridge.   Resources for following the prayers and readings are available at: www.wesley.cam.ac.uk/prayer-space/ (No live-stream from 29 June to 10 July . The live-stream will resume from Monday 13 July with a new pattern of Morning Prayer on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8.30am. )

10:00 Monday-Friday - from Wesley’s Chapel London: www.youtube.com/channel/UCUAUqhmhevz5sqhh72LIMxA 

We are a Church Community in a Village in the North of Cardiff offering worship, a welcome  and a friendly society. Please look at our Web site and contact us if you want any further information