Whitchurch Methodist Church

Penlline Road, Whitchurch Cardiff CF14 2AA

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  How the Church is Organised 

The Church Council's membership is formed from two groups within the Church. Certain members are present because of their roles within the Church e.g. Church Stewards, Treasurer and Chairpersons of various committees etc. Other members are appointed at the General Church Meeting to represent the views of the Church members and friends.
The role of the Church Council is to oversee and manage all aspects of the local Church life including property and finance.

                                                    Committees of the Church

Various sub-committees exist within the Church.
1. The Finance & Property Committee
This committee advises the Church  on all matters related to the Church finances, budgets, expenditure as well as the routine maintenance of the buildings. It makes proposals to the Church Council on major items of development or expenditure related to the Church buildings and fitments. It is responsible for H&S, Fire Regs etc
2. The Youth Committee
This committee is composed or representatives of all the Youth Organisations within the Church and advises the Church Council on matters of mutual interest to the youth activities within the Church.
3. The Worship Committee
All members of the Church are invited to attend this meeting. It discusses matters related to the Choir, Services and Worship activities in the Church.
4. The Pastoral Committee
This group is composed of the Pastoral Visitors within the Church. It discusses matters of concern for Church members and their families.
We are a Church Community in a Village in the North of Cardiff offering worship, a welcome  and a friendly society. Please look at our Web site and contact us if you want any further information